Royal Holloway University Of London

Professor Glyn Harman

Professor Glyn Harman


Research Interests

  • Most areas of analytic number theory. In particular: application of sieve methods, Diophantine approximation, metric number theory.

Date of birth : 2nd November 1956

Member of the London Mathematical Society, twice a recipient of a distinguished award of the Hardy-Ramanujan Society for his work with R.C.Baker and J. Pintz on primes in short intervals. Author of two London Mathematical Society monographs: "Metric Number Theory" and "Prime-Detecting Sieves". A list of his research papers may be found here: GH Publications.  Offprints for most of these are available on request.

Family information : Son of the Welsh poet Raymond Harman (an anthology of his work entitled "A Resounding Voice and Echoes of the Welsh Valleys" is published by Horseshoe Publications ISBN 1 899310 22 3). Married to Ruth (occupational therapist) with children Matthew, Jonathan and Christopher.

Outside interests : music (plays guitar and keyboards badly!); formerly one of the elders and trustees of Thornhill Church Cardiff, founder member of The Church at The White House School (part of the family of Arborfield and Barkham churches),now working with Kenton Evangelical Church (Harrow, London). Member of the Victoria Institute (also known as "Faith and Thought").