Royal Holloway - Number Theory Seminar

The NT seminar takes place on Wednesday at 4pm in Horton HLT1.
Here is a campus plan.

Autumn Term 2017

September 27: Andrei Yafaev (UCL)

"Some interactions of model theory and diophantine geometry"

Abstract: In this talk, I will explain how certain results from model theory (o-minimality) may be used to solve
diophantine problems of a certain type - namely the Manin-Mumford-Andre-Oort type problems.'

October 4: Niclas Technau (Graz)

October 11: 

October 18: Christopher Pinner (Kansas State Univ.)

October 25: Cong Ling (Imperial)

"Algebraic Number Theory for Coding: From Fermat to Shannon to 5G"

Abstract: Algebraic number theory has emerged as a new foundation of modern coding theory, due to its connection with Euclidean lattices. In wireless communications, it is the key mathematic tool to construct powerful error-correction codes over mobile fading channels. This talk presents an overview of the constructions of codes from number fields for fading and MIMO (multi-input multi-output) channels, and introduces a novel framework to achieve the Shannon capacity of these channels. If time permits, a glimpse at the applications to multi-user communications in next-generation networks will be given.

November 1: No NT-Seminar

November 8: Gareth Jones (Manchester)

November 15: *Yiannis Petridis (UCL)

November 22: No NT-Seminar

November 29:

December 6:

*=to be confirmed

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