Royal Holloway - Number Theory Seminar

The NT seminar takes place on Wednesday at 4pm in Horton HLT1.
Here is a campus plan.

January 10: No seminar!

January 17: Martin Widmer (Royal Holloway)

"Average bounds for the $\ell$-torsion in class groups"

January 24: Sam Chow (York)

"Lonely runners in function fields"

Abstract. The lonely runner conjecture (1967) asserts that if m runners with distinct constant speeds run around a unit circle starting at a common time and place, then each runner will at some time be separated by a distance of at least 1/m from the others. We formulate the conjecture in a function field setting, and obtain some partial results. We interpret the question as a covering problem involving partial circulant matrices, and analyse the extremal problem using a combinatorial structure known as a sunflower. Joint with Luka Rimanić.

January 31: Christopher Frei (Manchester)

February 7: Reynold Fregoli (Royal Holloway)

February 14: Sofia Lindqvist (Oxford)

February 21:

February 28: Philip Dittmann (Oxford)

March 7: Victor Beresnevich (York)

March 14:

March 21:

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