Department of Mathematics
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Previous Coulter McDowell lectures

2010 From magic squares to Sudoku, Prof Peter J. Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London
2009 The distribution of the primes, Professor Jon Keating FRS, University of Bristol
2008 What could be simpler than an arithmetic progression? Professor Timothy Gowers FRS, University of Cambridge
2007 e, i, π and all that, Professor Chris Budd, University of Bath
2006 Big bang - the history of the universe in 60 minutes, Mr Simon Singh, Science Writer & Journalist
2005 Relativity and Geometry, Professor N. David Mermin, Cornell University
2004 The Music of the Primes, Professor Marcus du Sautoy, University of Oxford
2003 Four Colours Suffice, Dr Robin Wilson, The Open University
2002 Quantum Teleportation, Professor Samuel L. Braunstein, University of Wales
2001 Threatening Pythagoras with the square root of 2, Professor Wilfrid Hodges, Queen Mary and Westfield College
2000 Big Money Auctions, Professor Ken Binmore, UCL
1999 Mathematics is Alive, Professor Henry Beker, Baltimore Technologies
1998 Some of my Best Friends are Positive Integers, Professor Adam McBride, University of Strathclyde
1997 The Complexity of Knot Invariants, Professor Dominic Welsh, University of Oxford
1996 Professor Frank Leppington, Imperial College
1995 Mathematics and the City, Professor J. Rutherford, the Open University
1994 Professor Fred Piper, RHUL
1993 Error Correcting Codes, Dr Ray Hill, University of Salford
1992 The Tail of Pi, Dr Roger Webster, University of Sheffield
1991 Applied Mathematics and Acoustics, Professor D. G. Crighton, University of Cambridge
1990 Graph theory - past, present and future, Dr R. J. Wilson, The Open University
1989 The Nature of Problems and the Analysis of Cognitive Maps, Professor Colin Eden, University of Strathclyde
1988 The Number of values of a function, Dr Peter Neumann
1987 Professor P. Burke FRS

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