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The Mathematics department at Royal Holloway runs a series of seminars and lectures throughout the year, often in association with the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway. For details of news, events & past events, see below.

Undergraduate induction 2011/12

First week of term at RHUL is Induction week, during which students learn various aspects of university life in general as well as information about their departments and courses. Returning students, MSc, and PhD students also have specific events to attend.

Induction programme for 1st year students is available here (programme for returning year 2, year 3 and year 4 students is avialable at the bottom of the link).

Graduation July 2011

Congratulations to all Mathematics graduates! The ceremony went very well and the weather helped making the event a real success.

New Maths students 2011/12

Are you coming to Royal Holloway in September to study Mathematics? Do you have any questions or doubts? Or perhaps simply feel like getting in touch with future fellow students? 

We have a Facebook group, where you can informally contact other students and get information on Induction from us!

Don't forget the Unismart welcome lecture on 21st Sept!

Exams 2011

The FAQ for Exams is now available here. It contains important information on when exams are released, and what to do if an exam was failed.

Kryptos codes, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Scotland

Professor Kenny Paterson, ISG, talked about the unsolved Kryptos codes, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and its Royal Holloway connections. Interview available here.

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