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The Mathematics department at Royal Holloway runs a series of seminars and lectures throughout the year, often in association with the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway. For details of news, events & past events, see below.

Consortium wins human security bid

Members of Royal Holloway, University of London′s Information Security Group (ISG) and the Psychology department, along with consultants to the ISG, have been chosen to be part of a newly developed programme designed to investigate the human factor in online security threats.

New lecturers appointed

We welcome three new lecturers: Dr Ben Klopsch joined the department in January, Dr Stefanie Gerke has started in April and Dr Koenraad Audenaert will be joining the department in September 2007.

Pure Maths seminar

Speaker: Victor Flynn (New College, Oxford)
Title: "Cycles of Covers"
Date: 20th March 2007

Pure Maths seminar

posted 8 March 2007
Speaker: Oliver Baues (TU Karlsruhe)
Title: "Constructions of aspherical manifolds"
Date: 13th March 2007
A manifold is called aspherical if its universal covering space is contractible. This is the case, for example, if the universal covering is homeomorphic to an Euclidean space.

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