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The Mathematics department at Royal Holloway runs a series of seminars and lectures throughout the year, often in association with the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway. For details of news, events & past events, see below.

14/09/2008 Heritage Open Day

Guided tours organised for both students and the public. If you haven't had the opportunities to take the see the grounds properly so far, here is your chance to take family and friends for a day out across 135 acres of beautiful parklands.

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Induction, new and existing students

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A map of the campus is available here. The entrance off the A30 marked "main entrance" (look for the green man) will take you to Founder's Building (1).

19/06/08 - Exploring Mathematics

The Exploring Mathematics course is aimed at students taking A-level Mathematics or an equivalent qualification. We hope to increase the students' enjoyment and understanding by illustrating the beauty and power of mathematics.

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New book : Number Theory and Polynomials

Edited by James McKee and Chris Smyth. See the publisher’s website for details.



EPSRC/HIMR CASE studentship

Salem numbers, Pisot numbers, graphs, and matrices

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