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Quantum trajectories

A C++ library using quantum trajectories to solve quantum master equations

Authors: RĂ¼diger Schack and Todd Brun

Quantum trajectory methods can be used for a wide range of open quantum systems to solve the master equation by unraveling the density operator evolution into individual stochastic trajectories in Hilbert space. This C++ class library offers a choice of integration algorithms for three important unravelings of the master equation. Different physical systems are modeled by different Hamiltonians and environment operators. The program achieves flexibility and user friendliness, without sacrificing execution speed, through the way it represents operators and states in Hilbert space. Primary operators, implemented in the form of simple routines acting on single degrees of freedom, can be used to build up arbitrarily complex operators in product Hilbert spaces with arbitrary numbers of components. Standard algebraic notation is used to build operators and to perform arithmetic operations on operators and states. States can be represented in a local moving basis, often leading to dramatic savings of computing resources. The state and operator classes are very general and can be used independently of the quantum trajectory algorithms. Only a rudimentary knowledge of C++ is required to use this package.

Link to a paper describing the package.
Download version 1.3.5 of the software (21 July 2004). The distribution contains installation instructions and example applications.
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