Invited Speakers

N. Avni    
(Harvard University)
L. Bartholdi    
(Universität Göttingen)
S. Goodwin    
(University of Birmingham)
M. Liebeck    
(Imperial College London)
U. Onn    
(Ben Gurion University)
A. Stasinski    
(University of Southampton)
S. Stevens    
(University of East Anglia)


Workshop on
Group Theory

April 6-7, 2009


School of Mathematics
University of Southampton
Southampton, UK

Benjamin Klopsch
Christopher Voll

Email Contact:
sotonworkshop2009 at
googlemail dot com

Printable Poster (PDF)

This workshop forms part of the South England Profinite Groups Meetings
which are supported by Scheme 3 of the London Mathematical Society.
The workshop is funded by the EPSRC and the School of Mathematics of the University of Southampton.
We are grateful for the received support.

Scope of the Workshop

A recurrent theme in asymptotic group theory is the algebraic characterisation of classes of groups which can be defined in terms of the asymptotics of certain arithmetic invariants. A variety of recent results has opened up a new direction of research which may be described by the umbrella term `enumerative and asymptotic representation theory of groups'. In this branch of asymptotic group theory one studies groups by investigating the distribution of their finite-dimensional linear representations.

In the workshop we will survey some of the current trends in this direction, as well as connections with other, established areas of mathematics. Most topics will fall under one or more of the following headings:

  • Representation growth of infinite groups, such as arithmetic groups, finitely generated nilpotent groups, compact p-adic Lie groups, self-similar groups
  • Enumerating characters and conjugacy classes in specific families of groups
  • Representation theory of locally compact p-adic Lie groups and reductive groups over discrete valuation rings.

The speakers are encouraged to present key methods and open problems in order to initiate discussions amongst the participants. There will be ample opportunities for informal interactions.

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Invited Talks

The titles of the invited talks will be posted in due course. Abstracts can be found in the Programme below; supporting material will be made available as appropriate.

  • Nir Avni: Representation Zeta Functions of Arithmetic Lattices
      (link to a relevant arXiv preprint by N. Avni)
  • Laurent Bartholdi: Representation Zeta Functions of Wreath Products
      (link to a relevant arXiv preprint by L. Bartholdi and P. de la Harpe)
  • Simon Goodwin: Counting Conjugacy Classes in Algebraic Groups
      (link to a relevant arXiv preprint by S. Goodwin and G. Roehrle)
  • Martin Liebeck: Density of Representation Degrees
      (slides of M. Liebeck's talk are available as a PDF file)
  • Uri Onn: Representation Zeta Functions for SLd
  • Alexander Stasinski: Unramified and Regular Representations
      (link to a relevant arXiv preprint by A. Stasinski)
  • Shaun Stevens: Representations of Locally Compact p-Adic Groups and Number Theory
      (slides of S. Stevens' talk are available as a PDF file)
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The online registration was closed on 5 April 2009. In the end we had slightly more people register than we anticipated. We are looking forward to seeing you in Southampton.

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Provisionally, the first lecture of the workshop will start on Monday, 6 April 2009, at 13.00. The last lecture will end on Tuesday, 7 April 2009, by 16.00.

Invited speakers are listed at the top. The titles of their talks are indicated above.

Here are a preliminary schedule of talks and a detailed programme (PDF).

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List of Confirmed Participants - as of 4 April 2009 -
  • Elena Aladova (Bar-Ilan University, Israel),
  • Shuaa Aldhafeeri (University of Birmingham, UK),
  • Nir Avni (Harvard University, USA),
  • Yiftach Barnea (Royal Holloway, London, UK),
  • Laurent Bartholdi (Universität Göttingen, Germany),
  • Mark Berman (Ben-Gurion University, Israel),
  • Oliver Braeunling (University of Nottingham, UK),
  • Christopher Brookes (University of Cambridge, UK),
  • Tim Burness (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Alberto Camara (University of Nottingham, UK),
  • Peter Campbell (University of Bristol, UK),
  • George Copitsas (University of Southampton, UK),
  • David Craven (University of Oxford, UK),
  • Anton Evseev (University of Cambridge, UK),
  • Shannon Ezzat (University of Canterbury, New Zealand),
  • Alexander Frolkin (University of Cambridge, UK),
  • Betty Fyn-Sydney (University of Birmingham, UK),
  • Giovanni Gandini (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Jon Gonzalez-Sanchez (University of Cantabria, Spain),
  • Simon Goodwin (University of Birmingham, UK),
  • Jokke Häsä (Imperial College London, UK),
  • Gareth Jones (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Kanneyanathan Kannan (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Ana Khukhro (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Jonathan Kiehlmann (Imperial College London, UK),
  • Benjamin Klopsch (Royal Holloway, London, UK),
  • Bernhard Koeck (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Martin Liebeck (Imperial College London, UK),
  • Ashot Minasyan (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Nikolay Nikolov (Imperial College London, UK),
  • Thomas Norton (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Uri Onn (Ben-Gurion University, Israel),
  • Pirita Paajanan (University of Helsinki, Finland),
  • Colin Reid (Queen Mary, London, UK),
  • Jan Schepers (K. U. Leuven, Belgium),
  • Jason Semeraro (University of Birmingham, UK),
  • Richard Slessor (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Robert Snocken (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Ilir Snopce (Binghampton University, USA),
  • Alexander Stasinski (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Shaun Stevens (University of East Anglia, UK),
  • David Stewart (Imperial College London, UK),
  • Glenn Ubly (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Christopher Voll (University of Southampton, UK),
  • Thomas Weigel (University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy).
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Practical Information
  • University of Southampton: See University Web page or School of Mathematics Web page.
  • Maps and Travel Directions: The School of Mathematics is located on the Highfield Campus. See the University's Getting here page, or try Google Maps: simply enter the School of Mathematics' postcode SO17 1BJ. The closest railway station is Southampton Airport (Parkway). To get to the Highfield Campus from there, take a U1C-Unilink bus from this station, and alight at the "Highfield Interchange" (journey time around 10 minutes). For train times see National Rail inquiries, for bus times see Unilink.
  • Sights and Attractions in the Area: Southampton is located in the south of England. Closeby are the New Forest National Park, the coastal resorts of Bournemouth, Poole and Brighton, and the historic cathedral cities of Salisbury and Winchester. London is just over an hour away by train. Follow the links from the University's City and region page for further information.
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