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The problem with satire

The problem with satire today is that it is far too easy to write. All one has to do is take any pronounement of George W Bush, for example his pressing concern for the safety of the 24 American aircrew held in China: ‘Do the members of the crew have Bibles?’ or even more vitally: ‘Are they getting any exercise?’. (Translation into Mexican available on request).

Or the panel of South African officials which decreed that Hamlet should no longer be taught in schools on the grounds it was ‘eurocentric’ and ‘not optmistic or uplifting’ and that 1984 ‘had an element of rebellion against the state that is perhaps no longer appropriate’.

Or even the British Government's cull of millions of healthy farm animals to protect a non-existent export market in an industry producing less than 2% of our GDP.

Conclusion: until our elected representatives start behaving in a less overtly satirical manner, satire is dead.

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